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MV Sundarban Launch Contact Number with Details

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MV Sundarban is a 300’ by 50’ and 3-storey behemoth with a coronary care unit (CCU) and a lift. Yes, you’re listening rightly! MV Sundarban-10 is the most luxurious and largest launch in Bangladesh operating in Dhaka to Barishal road – it’s Sundarban-10. It was opened on 25th June, last year and becomes huge popular into the people of this route. Its CCU provides safe and secure journey of the critically-ill person. It runs with the Sundarban Navigation Company. It’s a 16000 square foot launch was built with a German engine in the local shipyard. It took more than three years to complete its construction and it can carry 1300 people at a time with a food court, VIP, business class cabins. It’s equipped with global positioning system, radar and an electro hydraulic system. According to its owner, the vessel is able to navigate in the foggy weather. 


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MV Sundarban Launch Contact, Schedule & Other Details

MV Sundarban-10 is the largest and famous launch in Bangladeshwith various advantages that are described above. They provide their services mainly to the route of Dhaka – Barishal – Dhaka. It offers a safe and joyful journey for the passengers, maintaining the accurate time and schedule. But, most of the passengers traveling to MV Sundarban-10 Launch are unknown of their service details and contact information. This content will make sure to know all details, including counter numbers, ticket prices and other important information.
Hotline Number (for Ticket Booking): 01758113011

MV Sundarban-10 Ticket Prizefrom Dhaka to Barishal

Deck: BDT. 200
Sofa: BDT. 600
Non-AC Cabin (Double): BDT. 1800
AC Cabin (Double): BDT. 2000
Non-AC Cabin (Single): BDT. 900
AC Cabin (Single): BDT. 1000
VIP (2 in 1): BDT. 6000
VIP (One bed): BDT. 5000
VIP Duplex: BDT.7000
S VIP (1/2/5/6/7/8/9): BDT. 4000
S VIP (3/4): BDT. 3500
Shoukhin: BDT. 3500

Schedule of MV Sundarban-10

MV Sundarban-10 starts its journey at 8:30PM from Sadarghat Launch Terminal, Dhaka and arrives in Barishal at 4:00 AM of the next day. Similarly, starts from Barishal at 8:30 PM and arrives in Dhaka Sadarghat at 4:00AM on the next day. In this concern, passengers can get details about their time, schedule and other information with their contact numbers. 

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Contact Numbers of Some Other Launches

Here are the contact numbers of some other launches operating in the Dhaka – Barishal – Dhaka Route. People who like to visit this home district or the nearest ones can take their services.
MV Parabat-2: Departs at Night 8:15. 
Contact Number: 01711276597
MV Parabat-7: Departs at Night 8:30. 
Contact Number: 01711344745
MV Sundarban-8: Departs at Night 8:30. 
Contact Number: 01711441028
MV Parabat-9: Departs at Night 8:45. 
Contact Number: 01711344747
MV Surabhi-8: Departs at Night 8:45. 
Contact Number: 01711453989
MV Surabhi-7: Departs at Night 9:00. 
Contact Number: 01711332084
MV Sundarban-7: Departs at Night 9:00. 
Contact Number: 01718664700
MV Parabat-11: Departs at Night 9:00. 
Contact Number: 01711330642 

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MV Sundarban is a modern launch service and updated than all other service providers in this sector. They offer various extra services for the passengers, including free Wi-Fi, Critical Care Unit (CCU) and many more.

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