Paharika Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

Paharika Express Train Image

The Paharika Express is an intercity train service that runs Chittagong to Sylhet. The intercity train Paharika Express is popular among people who live in Chittagong and Sylhet. Now we will discuss the necessary information about the Paharika Express. If you are planning to travel Chittagong to Sylhet, then you ...

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Korotoa Express Train: Schedule & Ticket Price {2020}

Korotoa Express

The Korotoa Express is an Intercity train that runs Santaher to Burimari route. The Korotoa Express is very popular in Northern Bengal, and people love their service. Now we will discuss all the information about the Korotoa Express. You must know these things about Korotoa Express if you are planning ...

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