MV Dipraj Launch: Schedule & Contact Number[Updated]

MV Dipraj is one of the economic, leading and renowned launches in Bangladesh. It was constructed in 2001 under M/S Begum Transport. It provides services mainly to the route of Dhaka – Madaripur – Dhaka.

It provides a secure and pleasurable journey for the passengers, maintaining the exact time and timetable. It contains total 900 seats and 100 Lifebuoys.

This content will make sure to know all details, including counter numbers, ticket prices and other important information.

Contact Numbers of MV Dipraj Launch

details are given below:

MV Dipraj
Hotline Number: 01727-700777


MV Dipraj starts its journey at 7:45PM from Sadarghat Launch Terminal, Dhaka and arrives in Madaripur at 4:00 AM of the next day.
Similarly, starts from Madarupur at 2:00 PM and arrives in Dhaka Sadarghat at 4:00AM on the next day.


During the way of the launch, it load and unload passengers to the following points:

• Mridhar Hat
• Ram Char
• Chhobipur
• Andar Char
• Saheb Rampur

Class & Cabins’ Fares

MV Dipraj has total 32 cabins and the fares of the cabins are as follows:

• Cabin Single: bdT. 500
• Cabin Double: bdT. 800
• 3rd Class: BbdT. 160


  • There is fist aid for the emergency.
  • It takes help from other launches when get caught in the mid-river. Sometimes, passengers should come to overcome the issues.
  • The launch operates up to cautionary signal number 2. If the signal 3 is shown, the operation gets stopped.
  • Illegal goods must not carry by the passengers. The authority is not liable for any illegal materials.

If you have any question or inquiries, please contact us or comment in the following comment box, we shall try to resolve your inquiries as soon as possible.

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